I am the proud owner of two piano’s one being a Petrof imperial grand and the other an
upright Broadwood and Sons that I inherited from my Mother.

As a performing artist with a career spanning over many decades, I have had numerous
interactions with pianos in countless theaters and concert halls and I have a
consummate understanding of what a particular instrument should sound like and be

I moved to a farm in the Cradle of humankind and my Petrof ways a startling 574kg. WS
Pianos transported this piano all the way from Stellenbosch to my home that included a
4 km dirt road. They also moved my piano onto the lawn on the farm for a concert during
lock-down. Always done with the utmost care and incredible expertise.

I would simply not allow any other companies to move or tune my pianos other than WS
Pianos. Werner also did repair work on both my pianos, as they are old ladies, and this
was executed brilliantly.

Their philanthropic work is endless and often to their own detriment as they would
sponsor pianos to venues and for performances for the artist to perform at their best.
WS pianos is an asset to any individual or company that owns a piano.

Kind Regards,
Andre Schwartz

PS : I added photos of my grand lady that has been treated with the utmost care.