Release date: 2019
Artists: Andre Schwartz, Louis Loock, Arina De Witt, Jannie Moolman, Scott Engelbrecht, PJ Twins and Tasche
Musical Director: Chanie Jonker
Pianist: Chanie Jonker
Director: Frans Swart
Production company: Lefra Produksies
Song name: Ge Sing: Hoor my Lied

Gerard Korsten, better known as Ge Korsten, was a luminary figure in South African culture, leaving an indelible mark as an opera tenor and actor. Born in 1927 in Schiedam, Netherlands, he migrated to South Africa at nine, where his journey from electrician to acclaimed vocalist began. Under the guidance of Adelheid Armhold at the South African College of Music, he refined his talents, co-founding the Pretoria Opera Company and captivating audiences with his remarkable voice. While opportunities beckoned abroad, Ge Korsten’s dedication to family anchored him in South Africa, where his foray into light music garnered him widespread acclaim, epitomized by albums like “Ge Korsten Sing uit die hart”. His cinematic ventures, notably “Hoor my Lied” and “Lied in my hart”, underscored his versatility, while accolades such as six Sarie awards cemented his status as an icon. Beyond the stage and screen, Ge Korsten’s stewardship as the managing director of the Cape Performing Arts Board left an enduring legacy. Tragically, his life concluded in 1999, yet his influence persists through his enriching contributions to music, opera, and Afrikaans culture.

Recently, a heartfelt tribute celebrated Ge Korsten’s enduring impact, bringing together luminaries like Andre Schwartz, Louis Loock, Arina De Witt, Jannie Moolman, Scott Engelbrecht, PJ Twins, and Tasche. These artists gathered to affirm the timeless resonance of Korsten’s voice and artistry in South African heritage. The event was a poignant reminder of how his legacy continues to inspire and influence contemporary musicians.

Pianist and Musical Director Chanie Jonker played a pivotal role in the tribute, showcasing her versatility and deep connection to Korsten’s music. At Carnival City in Springs, South Africa, on October 31, 2019, she performed on a German-crafted Grotrian Grand Piano, whose rich, sonorous tones perfectly complemented the evening’s emotive atmosphere. Just days later, on November 3, 2019, Jonker graced the stage at The Sun Arena in Menlyn, Pretoria, South Africa, playing on a C. Bechstein Concert Grand. This piano, known for its impeccable clarity and dynamic range, added a layer of brilliance to the tribute. Jonker’s choice of these two exceptional instruments not only highlighted her technical prowess but also paid homage to the high standards of musical excellence that Korsten himself upheld.

The tribute, enriched by Jonker’s performances, was a fitting celebration of Ge Korsten’s legacy, blending the talents of today’s artists with the timeless beauty of classical piano craftsmanship. This event underscored the enduring influence of Korsten’s work and the ongoing vibrancy of South African musical culture.