Release date: 28 July 2023
Artist: Liezel Pieters
Song writer: Stephan Hugo Botha
Composed: Machiel Roets
Production company: Sony Music Entertainment (Pty)Ltd
Song name: Waar Ek Hoort

Liezel Pieters, a South African singer renowned for her captivating voice, has entranced audiences with her performances. Beyond her well-known hits, such as “In Ons Bloed” and “Droe Riviere,” Liezel has showcased her talent as both a songwriter and performer. In 2023, she unveiled “Waar Ek Hoort,” a song that reverberates with her profound connection to the land, the toil of farming, and the splendor of nature.The music video for this anthem features Machiel Roets seated at a C Bechstein Grand Piano, gracefully intertwining her vocals with the instrument’s melody. Against the backdrop of agricultural life, the video captures the essence of Liezel’s homage to South Africa’s farmers, their unwavering resilience, and their deep-rooted bond with the land. Produced by Sony Music Entertainment (Pty) Ltd, under the Select Music division, “Waar Ek Hoort” is a testament to the enduring spirit of those who call the South African soil their home. Crafted by songwriter Stephan Hugo Botha, with music composed by Machiel Roets, this song stands as a tribute to the farmers, celebrating their enduring connection to the land they cherish.