Publication: Get-It Magazine
Published: August 2016
By: Stef Schuurman
“Our passion for pianos has been around for decades”

“Our passion for pianos has been around for decades… My ancestors were and I am still proud of our outstanding workmanship, assuring you, the valued client, that you have made the right choice.” ~ Werner Stolze

A truly inspiring story to be told of how it came to be that Werner Stolze attends to pianos by tuning and maintaining them, and how it stays a passion to this day. Werner Stolze was born in a piano building family and became the fourth generation of a very well known family of piano builders who originated in Germany.

Werner was mentored and trained by a true legend in the art of piano building which is his late father, Wilfried Stolze. In 2002 Werner Stolze did his first ever professional tuning of a grand piano and since then has received many praises and fast becoming a legend himself.

Every piano that he works on is treated as if it is a part of the family. Werner works on his pianos, with passion, dedication and honesty. This is how every person who has met him, knows him.
Having a very soft spot in his heart for children it is no wonder that he has so many special deals for schools, thus ensuring the children a finely tuned and maintained piano at their schools. This helps music teachers and students enjoy a well tuned piano. No job is ever too big or to small, to the end of the world he will go to ensure that every piano owner is satisfied with the workmanship he so dearly takes pride in.

Recently Werner had the opportunity to attend to pianos overseas in Europe and the Middle East. This has broadened his knowledge and experience even more. With the knowledge gained overseas he can now apply in South Africa.

The ambition to start a training centre for piano technicians for this rare and much specialised trade came to be when he enrolled his very first apprentice in 2015, planning to expand in the near future.

A great amount of attention is put into following art festivals throughout the year and to ensure that they are attended too. Werner makes the effort to send out messages of well wishes to all students with their exams, being musical or academically.

With all his dedication and hard work he only gets the best feedback. Any piano owner that delt with Werner can confirm that his work is of top notch, five-star quality and beyond.