Grand Piano Bluthner 1907

R 195 000

This Bluthner grand piano is a luxurious addition to any advanced pianist’s collection. With a stunning satin walnut finish and ivory keys, this German-built piano exudes elegance and sophistication. The two-pedal system allows for nuanced expression, and the included piano bench ensures a comfortable playing experience.

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The Bluthner grand piano is an exceptional instrument crafted with precision and care in Germany. This particular piano, built around 1907, has been previously owned and carefully maintained to preserve its rich and resonant sound. Measuring 171cm in length, it is the perfect size for advanced pianists seeking a full and expressive sound.

The piano’s walnut cabinet, finished in a soft satin, is as beautiful as it is durable. The natural wood grain gives it a warm and inviting feel that will complement any home decor. The keys are made of ivory, providing a smooth and responsive touch that is both satisfying and inspiring to play.

The two-pedal system allows for the player to fully control the nuances of their performance, from the softest whispers to the most thunderous fortissimos. And with the included piano bench, the player can be sure to remain comfortable throughout even the longest practice sessions or performances.

Overall, the Bluthner grand piano is an exceptional instrument for advanced pianists who demand the best in quality, sound, and style. With its timeless elegance and superb craftsmanship, it is sure to become a treasured heirloom for generations to come.


Name Bluthner
Ref Number CONS221 20210208 N19B
File Name Grand Piano Bluthner 1907 (Serial # 724 39) R 195000
Room Tchaikovsky
Status Previously Owned
Type Grand Piano
Level Advanced
Build in Germany
Serial # 724 39
Year Build Circa 1907
Cabinet Walnut
Cabinet Outside Satin
Keys Ivory
Pedal System 2
Measurements – length 171cm
Piano Bench Including