Grand Piano C. Bechstein 1925

R 179 000

Meticulously handcrafted in Germany, this piano not only offers exceptional musicality but also stands as an exquisite work of art, blending timeless elegance with advanced engineering.

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Founded by Carl Bechstein in 1853 in Berlin, Germany, the C. Bechstein piano brand boasts a distinguished history of crafting exceptional pianos that have earned global acclaim. Renowned for their superior sound, touch, and durability, C. Bechstein pianos became favorites among celebrated musicians like Franz Liszt and Claude Debussy. Beyond their musical excellence, these pianos were admired for their intricate designs, becoming symbols of luxury. Despite facing challenges including world wars, the brand persevered through the 20th century, adapting to changing times while maintaining their commitment to quality. Today, C. Bechstein continues to produce a diverse range of pianos, upholding its legacy of fine craftsmanship and musical artistry for over 150 years.

Name Grand Piano C.Bechstein 1925
Ref Number ConsNS 20190916 N02
Status Previously Owned
Type Grand Piano
Level Advanced
Build in Germany
Serial # 124867
Year Build Circa 1925
Cabinet Black
Cabinet Outside Gloss
Keys Synthetic
Pedal System 2
Measurements – length 186
Piano Bench Including