Upright Piano August Forster 1963

R 41 750

This August Forster upright piano is an advanced level instrument with a beautiful satin walnut finish. Built in Germany in 1963, it features synthetic keys and a pedal system of 2. The piano measures 153cm in length, 116cm in height, and 60cm in width, and comes with an included piano bench.


The Samick upright piano is a great choice for advanced pianists who seek quality and elegance. Made in Korea in the 1980s, this piano was crafted with care and precision to provide exceptional sound and playability. The mahogany cabinet features a beautiful satin finish that adds a touch of luxury to any room.

The synthetic keys are responsive and provide great control and accuracy, allowing for a wide range of dynamics and expression. The 3-pedal system provides additional flexibility and control, allowing the pianist to experiment with various pedal combinations and techniques.

With measurements of 146cm in length, 108cm in height, and 56cm in width, this piano is compact enough to fit in most homes, yet still provides a rich and full sound. It comes with a matching bench that complements the piano’s design and provides a comfortable seating experience for the pianist.

Overall, the Samick upright piano is a beautiful and reliable instrument that will delight any advanced pianist who seeks quality and beauty in their playing.


Name August Forster
Ref Number CONSNS 130632
File Name Upright Piano August Forster 1963 (Serial # 130632)
Room Mendelssohn
Status Previously Owned
Type Upright Piano
Level Advanced
Build in Germany
Serial # 130632
Year Build Circa 1963
Cabinet Walnut
Cabinet Outside Satin
Keys Synthetic
Pedal System 2
Measurements – length 153
Measurements – height 116
Measurements – width 60
Piano Bench Including