Upright Piano Grotrian Steinweg 1923

R 49 700

This Grotrian Steinweg upright piano is the perfect choice for advanced pianists. Made in Germany in 1923, it features a beautiful walnut cabinet with a satin finish and ivory keys. Measuring 150cm in length, 125cm in height, and 68cm in width, it also comes with a piano bench.


Indulge in the exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship of the Grotrian Steinweg upright piano. This exquisite instrument was built in Germany in 1923 and has been impeccably maintained. Its stunning walnut cabinet features a smooth satin finish that adds an air of sophistication to any room. The ivory keys provide a comfortable touch and add an element of elegance to this already impressive piano.

At 150cm in length, 125cm in height, and 68cm in width, this upright piano offers a full range of notes and a robust sound that will satisfy even the most discerning pianists. The pedal system includes two pedals, allowing for greater control and expression. The piano also comes with a matching bench, making it a complete package for any musician.

Whether you are a professional pianist or an advanced student, the Grotrian Steinweg upright piano is sure to impress. With its rich history and exceptional craftsmanship, this piano is a true work of art and a must-have for any music lover.


Name Grotrian Steinweg
Ref Number CONS208 20220609 N13
File Name Upright Piano Grotrian Steinweg 1923 (Serial # 46978)
Room Bach
Status Previously Owned
Type Upright Piano
Level Advanced
Build in Germany
Serial # 46978
Year Build Circa 1923
Cabinet Walnut
Cabinet Outside Satin
Keys Ivory
Pedal System 2
Measurements – length 150cm
Measurements – height 125cm
Measurements – width 68cm
Piano Bench Including