Upright Piano Hsinghai 1970s

R 24 500

This Hsinghai upright piano is a great option for intermediate level pianists. Built in the 1970s in China, it features a glossy mahogany cabinet and a 3-pedal system. The keys are synthetic and it measures 148cm in length, 113cm in height, and 59cm in width. A piano bench is included.

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If you’re an intermediate level pianist looking for an affordable yet reliable upright piano, the Hsinghai might be just what you need. This previously owned piano was built in the 1970s in China and boasts a sleek mahogany cabinet with a glossy finish. The keys are made of synthetic materials, which offer a smooth and consistent feel when playing.

One of the key features of this Hsinghai piano is its 3-pedal system, which allows for more nuanced control over the sound produced. The pedals themselves are sturdy and responsive, providing a satisfying playing experience.

Measuring 148cm in length, 113cm in height, and 59cm in width, this upright piano is a good fit for most spaces. Whether you’re a student practicing in your room or a performer playing in a small venue, the Hsinghai can meet your needs.

Finally, it’s worth noting that this Hsinghai piano comes with a piano bench included, so you’ll have a comfortable seat to use while playing. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable piano for intermediate level playing, the Hsinghai is definitely worth considering.


Name Hsinghai
Ref Number CONS185 20210304 N13
File Name Upright Piano Hsinghai 1970s (Serial # 518674) R 24500
Room Wagner
Status Previously Owned
Type Upright Piano
Level Intermediate
Build in China
Serial # 518674
Year Build Circa 1970s
Cabinet Mahogany
Cabinet Outside Gloss
Keys Synthetic
Pedal System 3
Measurements – length 148
Measurements – height 113
Measurements – width 59
Piano Bench Including