WS Pianos has conducted several piano tunings for the Department of Music & Musicology
over the past couple of years. We have many pianos which require servicing, and the work is
always completed in a satisfying timeframe, and with good quality results. Most notably, WS
Pianos is always a pleasure to work with, and their customer service is professional and
friendly. As a piano practitioner within the Department, I am always happy with the results
of their servicing, and particularly appreciate their nuanced approach to the unique needs of
each piano. Sound production is clear and well-balanced after a servicing.
WS pianos is unique in their approach to pianos- their passion for keyboard instruments
shines through in their approach to the industry and particularly the musicians that play
these instruments. Thus, they approach the manufacturing, maintenance and sound
production of each piano individually, focusing on the unique needs of the pianist and the
instrument. This approach harbours a good relationship between the pianist and piano, and
thus promotes the longevity of the relationship. Apart from servicing, they play a huge
supportive role to the pianistic community in South Africa, and I believe that their
organisation is an asset to the South African music scene.

Yours Sincerely,

Garreth Robertson