To whom it may concern,

Tshwane Music Industry Co-Op Ltd manages the Jazz and African Music Nights Programme at the South African State Theatre in Pretoria’s Central business district and ensures that thePianos as well as the Grand Piano is well maintained and tuned to perfection for each and every show. The best maintenance and tuning will ensure that we have the most beautiful sound of music that fills the ears of our two hundred and sixty filled seats.

To ensure that this is done on a regular basis Mr W. Stolze started tuning and servicing the Pianos and Grand Piano since 2011. Every show was a clear example of the craftsmanship of this fine art of tuning and making the sounds coming from these amazing instruments even better and more clear.

This fine art was taken over by Mr W Stolze’s son, Werner Wilfried Stolze of WS Stolze Pianos (The Piano Whisperer). Werner started doing basic maintenance and tuning of our pianos since 2013. Werner also does the maintenance and tuning of the well known Kawai Grand Piano. Like father like son, the craftsmanship is the same, better and better it gets as the time passes.

Werner Stolze is very punctual and professional, he has a personal touch that he appoints to each and every piano. Accurate and being a perfectionist makes him do his job at hand in a perfect way. Magical is the only way how the sounds of these perfectly tuned sounds can be described.

We will not hesitate to recommend Mr Werner Stolze from WS Stolze Pianos for any maintenance and tuning of any type and size of piano.

Yours Sincerely

Wadee Ranoto Chairperson/Event Producer